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Dental Fillings

dental fillingFillings From Modern Dental: Modern Dental offers a range of services that can help you keep and maintain your smile. We focus on your overall dental health while offering specialized care and treatment based on your exact needs. At Modern Dental, we’re proud to say that your smile is our business.

The care we provide affects your well-being and appearance since the condition of your teeth and gums are important to overall good health. Fillings are a popular and familiar way that dentists repair broken or cracked teeth. Dentists may also use fillings to fix teeth that have been worn down by tooth grinding or through habits such as nail biting.

When filling a cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed part of your tooth and then fill the empty area with your choice of modern dental materials. Dentists may use gold, silver amalgam, tooth-colored resins (a composite of plastic and glass) or porcelain.

At Modern Dental, we will work with you to design a treatment plan that aligns with your needs and your budget. Senior citizens enjoy a 7 to 10 percent discount and special financing is available with no interest or finance charges. Our low monthly payments and attention to your every detail will leave you hard-pressed to find a more customer friendly dentist office in Connecticut.